DJ Tarkan ft. Zara - Deep Down (Original Mix) Download

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  • Published on Mar 4, 2018

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  • K. G.
    K. G. 1 year ago

    "I`m going

  • Diogo Avila
    Diogo Avila 1 year ago

    sex song, I'm in love

  • Umut Duygu
    Umut Duygu 1 year ago

    Just amazing ✌🏽 Bravo Tarkan

  • CDeep Music
    CDeep Music 1 year ago

    🌴 DJ Tarkan's new exclusive track for CDeep Music ! 🙏 😍

  • Smile Traper
    Smile Traper 1 year ago

    Nice Music man 👍🔥🔥🔥

  • Пепиии П
    Пепиии П 1 year ago

    DJ TARKAN TOP OF THE TOP 💖💖💓💓💓😍😍💝💝

  • Emilian Proca
    Emilian Proca 1 year ago

    Chill music bro . Love this song ❤👌

  • Filou Play54
    Filou Play54 1 year ago

    Yeahh love it think you you are the best

  • SMILE 69
    SMILE 69 1 year ago


  • Creative Chaos
    Creative Chaos 1 year ago

    Lovely vibes 3

  • Trap Hut
    Trap Hut 1 year ago

    Great video, left a like ❤

  • Georgi Georgief
    Georgi Georgief 1 year ago

    The best thing i have ever heard in my life .. so few words but such a great affect... insane (h) deep down deeeeeeep and down

  • music mania
    music mania 1 year ago (edited)

    Damn perfect track for wife or spouse..! freakingly Awesome this video made my day awesome video & vibes too 💙👍🔊💨👌3ng it..

  • yani argirov
    yani argirov 1 year ago

    deep dive in istanbul.... my fav track

  • Connected
    Connected 1 year ago

    Love this 👌

  • Djem Mehmed
    Djem Mehmed 1 year ago

    Please release this song on Apple Music or Spotify

  • Cet
    Cet 1 year ago

    hey nice vid. & yeah nice "chill" track

  • Shayla Nicole
    Shayla Nicole 1 year ago

    Perfect ♡♡

  • Fabrizio Parisi
    Fabrizio Parisi 1 year ago

    Very Nice Track :)

  • it's so me
    it's so me 1 year ago

    Wow such a deep song.💯💘😍😎