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  • Published on May 12, 2019

  • The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.
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  • ZeniusS
    ZeniusS 6 days ago

    Tyrion is now the tallest Lannister..

  • laotravida
    laotravida 2 days ago

    Seems like we should have been more patient with GRRM

  • Akash Pawar
    Akash Pawar 2 days ago

    NPC Jon Snow’s Script for season 8:

  • Muhammad Rauf
    Muhammad Rauf 1 day ago

    Why does Bran look like dead inside ?

  • unknown 04
    unknown 04 2 days ago

    plot twist: dany is the night kings daughter and thats how the dothraki keep respawning

  • hussein saab
    hussein saab 6 days ago

    all cersei did this season. was stared out of balconies

  • WelshAdam 92
    WelshAdam 92 2 days ago

    Nothing surprises me anymore with GoT. Likely to see Gandalf arriving over the hill to take the throne in episode 6

  • Alberto Brixus
    Alberto Brixus 2 days ago (edited)

    Arya: I'm gonna kill Cersei

  • Allan Pernot
    Allan Pernot 2 days ago

    Her army keeps multiplying whats going on

  • Stephen Coyle
    Stephen Coyle 2 days ago (edited)

    Cersei: *kills Dany's best friend and her child *

    NIGHT KING 6 days ago

    So we waited 9 years to see Cersie getting killed by a Brick

  • Rwaggy Rwuper Rwinstincts

    Season 1-5: oh man, wish I can erase my memory to watch the entire series again

  • Noisey Production
    Noisey Production 2 days ago

    Finale season, finale episode: Bran wake's up from his fall

  • Ozgur Yildirim
    Ozgur Yildirim 2 days ago (edited)

    I really like to hear "Hey guys this is an april fool joke. here is the real season."

  • Mabuga Master
    Mabuga Master 2 days ago

    The worse part is that D&D thinks they did a great job...

  • dejan
    dejan 5 days ago

    The Mountain was harder to kill than the Night King.

  • Ahnastasia Rose
    Ahnastasia Rose 2 days ago (edited)

    D&D: Dany forgot about the iron Fleet, the Dothraki forgot they were dead, and we forgot how to write...

  • Noel Stachowski
    Noel Stachowski 2 days ago

    This is what happens when you are stupid, and the smart kid in class no longer lets you copy off of his homework…

  • mem nuro
    mem nuro 2 days ago

    Season 1-5; Champions League

  • Andrew Newmann
    Andrew Newmann 1 day ago

    May the Lord of Light protect us all, for the screen is dark and the script is full of errors!