#CricketDiaries Ep 5 | Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, R Ashwin | 2011 Wankhede | ViuIndia Download

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  • Published on Jul 10, 2019

  • Watch cricket champions Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan & Ravichandran Ashwin as they share exclusive insights of the finals between India and Sri Lanka in 2011. Remembering this iconic match at Wankhede Stadium, Ashwin shares how he was motivated by his idol Sachin Tendulkar, Sehwag gives a cricketer’s perspective of family pressure at Wankhede Stadium and Z.Khan reminisces about how post-match celebrations moved to his room! With India finally bringing home the cup that year after 28 years. Watch the men in blue get vocal and wicked as they speak of their glorious 2011 victory over Sri Lanka with actor and cricket enthusiast Aparshakti Khurana in this exciting episode of Cricket Diaries: Men of the Match. Don’t miss it!
  • #CricketDiaries Ep 5 | Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, R Ashwin | 2011 Wankhede | ViuIndia tags


  • girish seeker
    girish seeker 1 week ago

    Here I come from India vs Nz semi final....thanks at least this give me some happy moments

  • Adarsh V.S
    Adarsh V.S 1 week ago

    How many after India's loss 😔😭

  • Pushkar Kulkarni
    Pushkar Kulkarni 1 week ago

    If there is an inappropriate time to upload a World Cup winning interview, this is exactly it.

  • Tushar Naik
    Tushar Naik 1 week ago

    Should have done a little mention of Gambhir's innings in final at least.

  • Raj Yuvraj
    Raj Yuvraj 1 week ago

    Nxt episode we want singhs together

  • robin bisht
    robin bisht 1 week ago (edited)

    Celebriting same 2011 world cup (past)

  • PalArnob M
    PalArnob M 1 week ago

    Hey, someone appreciate how clearly and fluently Ashwin speaks Hindi

  • Zeeshan M. Raje
    Zeeshan M. Raje 1 week ago (edited)

    Just came here for Sehwag and Zaheer khan (Dada members)

  • Raj Yuvraj
    Raj Yuvraj 1 week ago

    Indians are failed to replace a player like YUVRAJ SINGH in world cup.

  • ankoosh Kulkarni
    ankoosh Kulkarni 1 week ago

    Aaj ke match me yuvraj chahiye tha ind vs nz


    Who Came After India get knocked out By Newz 😭😭

  • Tech Tips
    Tech Tips 1 week ago

    2011 final and not a single comment on GAUTAM GAMBHIR AND DHONI

  • Raza Hasnain
    Raza Hasnain 1 week ago

    Zaheer khan sounds like john abraham. Same way of speaking.

  • chirag munani
    chirag munani 1 week ago

    This episode has worked as pain killer medicine. Thanks.

  • manohar manohar
    manohar manohar 1 week ago

    I think life of viru says how a person should lead a life ,legend viru😁😁

  • Bheru Singh
    Bheru Singh 1 week ago

    Veeru have real respect for sachin... Bhjji and yuvi also...

  • Jer Rodz
    Jer Rodz 1 week ago

    If gambir wouldn't have played in finals then u guys wouldn't sit here..

  • Banaj Sahu
    Banaj Sahu 1 week ago

    I think today's loss is Karma.. maybe Kumble would have helped us in that situation 😥😥

  • Prakhar Dikshit
    Prakhar Dikshit 1 week ago

    Who misses YUVRAJ SINGH in this episode..!!!

  • prajwal raj
    prajwal raj 1 week ago

    Love to see zaheer khan World cup